How do I use different types of makeup brushes?

Industry information| 2021-09-03|admin

In the whole makeup, the most important is the bottom makeup, so the most worthy of investment is also the basic brush! So what's the difference between different types of foundation brushes? HOW TO USE STUCCO? In addition to makeup techniques, there are a number of tools that can be used to create a sophisticated look. Make-up tools, first of all to bear the impact of foundation, makeup, after all, the most important makeup, so the most natural is the brush! A foundation brush will be faster and more detailed than any other makeup tool. But, the skin condition is very bad, dry skin does not suit to use STUCCO OH! The base brush is usually made from synthetic fiber, and since most of the base is moisture and grease, the makeup brush is resistant to moisture and grease, and it can withstand washing, and synthetic wool will be more usable. However, as the Bristle will be tight and thin, feel a bit hard, do not use too hard, so as to avoid skin sensitivity! The basic brush types can be divided into flat head, flat head, round head, inclined head four types. Of course, there are fine-grained tilt head, tilt head, irregular brush head, and so on. Use Different types of basic brush heads: suitable for thin foundations such as base liquid, gouache, etc. . When using a liquid base, place the root on the back of your hand and dip it in the bottom of your face. And apply it from the inside out. The brush should be mounted in a fine area such as the nose wing and used.



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