Does the makeup brush that buys newly need to clean, how should clean?

Industry information| 2021-09-03|admin

    Brush just bought must be cleaned, because most of the brush is handmade, so there will be less hair did not firm, or the hair attached to the pruning process did not remove, this is what we call floating hair. So the MM buy back makeup brush to clean first. The following small make-up to introduce you to brush cleaning method! Make-up brush cleaning method 1: Soap, wet a piece of soap in clean water, your dirty blush brush and foundation brush on the soap, while pressing and rotating, you can clean the dirty things. Then rinse the brush with warm water and dry it with a paper towel. Tip: Do not brush stick with water, otherwise the bristles may make the brush loose and fall off. Make-up brush cleaning method 2: Kitchen Sponge plus detergent, pour a little detergent on the sponge, brush repeatedly on the sponge with a brush several times, wash with warm water, use a clean towel or cotton cloth to wipe off the remaining dirt, then lay the brush flat to dry. Make-up brush cleaning method 3: Olive oil, because eye makeup and lip makeup with oil, and oil, so olive oil is very suitable for cleaning small eye and lip makeup brush. In addition, olive oil has the maintenance effect that softens to Bristle. Method: Rub The bristles of your brush with olive oil and press them onto a sponge. After a while, you will see the remaining makeup caking off. Make-up brush cleaning method 4: water + Detergent 1, use water immersion eye shadow brush, let it fully soaked. Then take out the purchase of a good special makeup brush cleaner, will squeeze out the right amount of cleanser drops in the eye shadow brush. 2. Gently press the brush with your finger to remove the makeup and dirt from the brush, then rinse. Repeat the pressure and cleaning steps until the makeup and dirt are completely removed. Finally, the eye shadow brush with a wash and rinse clean detergent, dirt, etc. , you can use a clean towel to brush the water pressure dry, then flat on the towel and let it dry again.



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