What advantage does make up brush expensive compare with cheap?

Industry information| 2021-09-03|admin

The price of a makeup brush is based on the hair of the brush, there are many kinds of hair quality makeup brush, hair quality is different to make-up effect obvious difference, skin is very tender, if the brush hair is too coarse, it's GonNa ruin the makeup, and it's GONNA scratch the skin. So what are the advantages of expensive brushes over cheap brushes? 1. Makeup brushes are divided into Cilia and animal hair and mixed Cilia, slightly worse Cilia, of the same texture as the hair on a clothing store model's head. 2. The price is usually under ten yuan. Very tight, used in the face is very painful, grasp powder ability is poor, not easy to paint. 3. Cheap make-up brush smudges effect is very poor, easy to appear color, and it is easy to lose hair, sweep on the face will lose a lot of broken hair, it is difficult to clean. 4. The joint uses the inferior glue, meets the water to drop, can not clean. 2-4. John Paul Jones 2-4. JPG 5. The ordinary fiber hair, the hair is very soft and fluffy, the hair is very fine, the price is ten yuan to one hundred yuan. It's soft, it doesn't irritate the skin, but it's hard to grip the powder and paint. 6. Ordinary Cilia have no support and Halo, can not halo-dye. There may be hair loss or glue loss. If the pursuit of the brush is not very high, buy a fiber hair brush to powder is very good, very fluffy, the face is very comfortable. Kill. The ability to catch powder powder is not a problem for powder, but also can make makeup very light. Cheap brushes also feature loose paint, flat eye shadow, lip brush and brow brush, and few other brushes are used. 8. People who are particular about brushes don't buy cheap brushes, so they don't have to make multi-purpose brushes. 9. Animal Brush. Usually made of natural animal hair. There are several types, depending on the quality. After special processing of the brush hair, soft moderate, the face is very comfortable, hair has a certain degree of support. 10. Good powder grip. Animal Hair brushes can be used on paste, liquid, powder and so on. The design is more scientific. More suitable for face contour, better grasp, variety, classification fine, production exquisite, better quality. Cheap make-up brush experience is poor, quality is not recommended to use, and for people with poor skin, make-up brush hair will also lead to skin allergies and skin damage and other hazards, so choose make-up brush when try to pick a good quality.




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