How to use a makeup brush to draw stereoscopic makeup?

Industry information| 2021-09-03|admin

     Beauty Sister Paper in order to show the face small, hard to the jaw shadow, but facial features effect not only stereo, but also appears dirty face. So how do you use a makeup brush for a three-dimensional look? In fact, want to highlight five facial features to increase the three-dimensional feeling, plus these skills can make a more three-dimensional makeup! In addition to the shadow on the side of the cheeks and the shadow on the nose, the eye socket should also be shaded. Light up your eyes with bloom around your eyes. 1. Draw a shadow around the eye socket below the brows to make the shadow not only more natural, but also more prominent brows and facial features. 2. The corner of the eye and the area around the head of the eye can be lit with bloom. Bloom can make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Or Use beaded eye shadow instead of bloom's, and the effect is just as beautiful. 3, blush with finger pulp down spread, blush effect is more natural, and will not get together with the shadow of the side of the cheek, make-up feeling dirty. 4. To Accentuate Your Lips, DAB concealer or foundation onto the sides of your mouth with a makeup sweep. The lip makeup that this draws is neat have key, still can trim labial model. In addition to the above tips, you can also work on bloom, which has fluffy apple muscles and a harmonious makeup feel that makes it look three dimensional even without too much shadow. 1. If you hit bloom directly on the Musculus Maloris, the makeup will look a bit dull. Apply a light, drop like brush under your eyes to make the Musculus malaris larger and brighter. 2. Base your makeup on Bloom's blush to accentuate the layers. And putting blush on top of the highlights makes the blush, bloom and base look more natural and unobtrusive. 3. Highlighting your eyebrows is also a great way to improve your facial features. Choose an eyebrow brush similar to the hair color to draw the peak and tip of the eyebrow. The makeup looks energetic. 4, afraid to paint concealer or foundation in the lip burden, you can choose to use eyebrow pencil outline of the upper lip line, so that the presence of lip makeup, but also the effect of trimming the lip contour.


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